This walkthrough was written and created by TJ, also known as TJ the Blind Gamer. His social media can be found below.

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Zombies Overview

Let's start with the various settings you should adjust before geting into matches.

Setting Up The Game

Target Assist and Aim assist,

aim assist sticks your hip fire crosshairs to enemies at close range, different weapon classes may have a stronger stick than other weapon classes or even none at all. Target assist snaps your iron sights or optical sights to an enemy when they are close enough to you and can even adjust your aim for you if they are extremely close. Both of these settings combined make the aiming experience much better and less frustrating.

Sensitivity settings: )still under controller settings)

Your sensitivity is how fast you look up and down and left and right. These different axis are separated into vertical and horizontal sensitivity. vertical being your speed at looking up and down and horizontal turning left and right. My best performance has been with the vertical sensitivity turned down to very low or 1 on the adjustable slider, this makes it so whenever you spawn and respawn in multiplayer modes your aim should be aiming at chest height, when crouched your aim will be aiming at the stomach this will will help comensate for recoil. As for horizontal sensitivity, I keep that down to low or 3 on the slider, occasionally moving it to 4 when playing multiplayer.

Sound Settings

These are the important settings that can make or break playing effectively. The settings i have found are setting master volume, sound effects volume, voice volume, all to the maximum volume on the slider. This will help give the most situational awareness for a. blind player using a headset since all soounds in the game will be loud enough to hear. Music volume should be turned either completely off or set to very low. The music will drown out some of the sounds in game which can make the difference in hearing a horde of zombies or hearing an enemy come up behind you. Music can also give information of where you are on a given zombies map and when matches are about to end in multiplayer. This is why i keep my music very low

The last major sound setting is the volume mixer, there are several pre set mixer with different sounds being amplified and decreased based on the mix. The best mix i have found to work is the super crunch mix, boosting all sounds in the game and sacrificing none of the sounds effects or other volumes.

Those are the major settings that i have found in the game to be most effective.

The Maps

now, letís talk about the actual gameplay starting with the zombies mode.

There are 3 maps at launch with physical and digital copies of the game receiving these 3 maps, the only way to get the 4th bonus map is to purchase the Black ops pass. 2 of the 4 maps are very blind friendly in that they have sound effects for purchasable items on the map. Guns on the wall, perks to enhance your character, and doors to unlock new areas all have a distinct sound to set them apart from one another. The 2 maps that have this level of detail are Voyage of Despair and IX or nine in Roman numbers. The mystery box also gives a sound effect wherever it is, this box gives out random weapons that cannot be obtained without using the box.

The third map that comes with any version of the game is Blood of the Dead. this mapp is set at Alkatraz and is not incredibly large but it does not have any sound tied to guns on the wal, perks, or doors. However, the fast travel portals have a distinct sound and the mystery box also retains a sound tied to it as well. Classified is the bonus map locked behind the Black Ops pass. The sounds in this map are more similar to Bloood in that there are no sounds for guns or perks until you purchase them. Some of the debris and doors have sounds althogu not all of them do, the box does not have a sound until it is bought.

Classified takes place inside the pentagon, voyage of despair takes place on the titanic, nine takes place in a gladiatorial arena,and blood on alkatraz. All of these maps are relatively easy to learn given the level of detail Treyarch put into each map.

Each of these maps have round specific bosses that appear at random intervals. A normal round of zombies will consist of regular zombies up until a certain round is reached. The special enemy on Blood of the Dead is the Warden of Alkatraz and the Hellhounds. Eventually, blood and classified start spawning hellhounds with zombies on normal rounds. Nine and Voyage both feature elemental based zombies as replacements for the warden and hellhounds. The different ways you can hear enemies are their footsteps, growling for the hellhounds, groaning and grunting for the zombies. The loud steps of the warden as welll as his yelling. The electricity sounds of the electric zombie, the fire sounds for the fire zombie, the hellhounds make electric sounds when spawning in, the zombies will tear down the wooden planks used as barriers, these sounds can be used to identify where you are on the map as well as where zombies are coming from.

As soon as the last zombie of the round dies, the counter in the bottom left of the screen changes to indicate what round you are on. There is a sound effect tied to this shift as well, I cannot describe it other than a shift or something akin to the mortal kombat X arcade tower shifting up.

Special Weapons And Equipment

There are 8 total special weapons in Black Ops 4 zombies, 4 of the weapons are tied to the chaos map, being Boyage of Despair and Nine. The other half of the special weapons are tied to the eather story maps, Blood of the Dead and Classified. Each of the 8 weapons can be used by every player in a match, so there are no restrictions regarding level or character. The weapons have the standard ability they come with, then two levels that the weapon can be upgraded to, all the way to level 3. The only way to increase the level is to get kills with the weapon. The most blind friendly weapons if you are just starting zombies without vision for the first time are the hammer of Valhala in the chaos maps and the katana in the eather maps. Both of these weapons are melee weapons, meaning you do not have to worry about aiming, just worry about looking at the right height to kill the enemies.

The next category is equipment, this includes a standard frag grenade, acid bomb which sticks to anything the bomb hit, a claymore mine, a molotov cocktail, and finally a sentry gun that you throw in front of you. The claymore may be the best peice of equipment for blind players who are not confident enough to throw the other equipment accurately or may not be ablee to throw them far enough. My personal favorites are the cocktail and acid bomb, both of these are more useful for training and staying mobile as the acid bomb can be thrown in front of you and you can run past it as it sticks to a wall, blowing up the zombies from the wall explosion. The molotov can be thrown at a zombie which will light on fire, leaving a patch of fire where the molotov lands. This fire will kill most enemies, leaving the larger types of enemy weakened but not killing them.


There are elixirs in game which use up all four directional buttons on the D pad. One elixer for each button, classic elixers have infinite uses but have a cooldown before you can use them again. Rare or mega elixers have numbered uses, no infinite cooldowns. These elixers are more powerful but not as nice as using classic elixers with infinite uses. Some of the classics include Burned out, this elixir has activations upon being hit by a enemy, burning that enemy and a couple surrounding enemies. You have 3 burned out uses before you have to wait for the cooldown then you can use it again, this acts like a save me ability more than anything.


There are perks in game that give you enhancements, such as auto aiming for headshots or healing faster. The most notable perk is Death Perception, this perk makes zombies highlighted and able to be seen through walls, even a indicator on screen when they get too close and the zombie is not on screen, so to the left and right of you or even behind you. There is no notable perk to help blind players as the audio design is the best we have had in a call of duty zombies experience. You could argue the deadshot perk helps blind players get headshots and conserve ammunition. The stonecold stronghold perk helps blind players who want to camp and learn the different sounds in game. As mentioned previously, Voyage and Nine have sounds for the locations of the perk alters, where you purchase perks in those maps. Blood and Classified only have sounds when purchasing perks, making finding the perks a little more dificult to find.

Menu navigation

This menu system is different based on whether you are online or offline. When you first load into black ops 4, the cursor will automatically be placed on the row dedicated to the different modes, from far left to far right the order goes, specialist campaign, regular multiplayer, then black out battle royale, the fourth and final mode is zombies at the far rightt.

Assuming you are online, the menu is relatively simple. The background sounds will change when solo, custom, and find game are selected. If you just click into zombies, and do not click further, solo will be the right most option, oe above solo is where you will find map and mode selection. Go to solo by going all the way to the right, go up once, select that option, it will default you into public games where you search for other players and have to ready up. If you use your trigger or bumper, and go right, that should be dificulty and map selection for solo. Once there, it will default you on nine, then voyage is one to the right, then blood of the dead, and finally classified. These are all in a row, above this row of maps are the dificulties, casual is the left most option, then normal, hardcore, then realistic.