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Challenge Tower Guide by OmegaMustard

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/05/11 | Printable Version
GAME: Mortal Kombat
By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)

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Mortal Kombat is the 9th installment in the series. This time around, instead of a lengthy Konquest. You get a series of hard challenges, known as The Challenge Tower. This guide will help you try and complete all 300 challenges inside the tower. I will provide videos if possible. I wrote this guide for the Xbox 360 version so when I list controls, they will be with the Xbox 360 buttons. The moves should work the same for the PS3 version of the game just different mapping of the buttons. Also all moves are done with your character on the left side of the screen.

Xbox 360 to PS3
Y = Triangle
B = Circle
X = Square
A = X

The Challenge Tower

Challenge 1 - Training: Special Tech

Player - Sonya Blade
Opponent - Jax
Description - Land each special attack within 25 seconds.
Skip Cost - 150

You must land all your special attacks on Jax in this order:
Energry Ring Blast - Back, Forward Y
Leg Grab - Back, Forward B
Kiss - Down, Back X
Arc Kick - Down, Back B
Kartwheel - Down, Forward A

Jax does move around but does not attack.

Challenge 2 - Training: Defense

Player - Sonya Blade
Opponent - Jax
Description - Avoid or Block all incoming attacks for 15 seconds.
              Your attacks and special moves have been disabled.
Skip Cost - 150

You must block or dodge all of Jax's attacks for 15 seconds.  You
cannot attack, just move around.  Shouldn't be too hard.  One hit
and you die though and have to restart.

Challenge 3 - Training: Offense

Player - Sonya Blade
Opponent - Jax
Description - Land at least 15 hits in 45 seconds.
              The arena size has been reduced.
Skip Cost - 300

The area that you can move in is very small.  Jax will fight back
but isn't too tough.  Grabbing Jax is two hits but you can also use
X, X, Y combo over and over.  You can pretty much trap him in the corner 
and spam X, X over and over.

Challenge 4 - Training: X-Ray Training

Player - Sonya Blade
Opponent - Baraka
Description - Build up your meter to level 3 and land an X-Ray attack
              on your opponent!
Skip Cost - 300

When you start the match, getting a first strike will jump your meter
up to level 2.  After that, getting beat up actually increases your
super meter.  Once you have level 3, the meter will say X-Ray.  Now
press both Left and Right Trigger at the same time and you will use
your X-ray attack.

Challenge 5 - Training: Finishing Techniques

Player - Sonya Blade
Opponent - Baraka
Description - Perform the displayed Fatality Input Correctly.
Skip Cost - 300

First you will have to fight Baraka.  Take down all his health and
you will be prompted to do a Fatality.  You will have a box on the
ground telling you where to stand.  Now enter the Fatality.
Down, Down, Back, Forward, X

If you happen to mess up or run out of time.  It will give you another

The distance is dash. If you are unaware, touch is right at the enemy, dash is one dash away, and sweep is two dashes away.

Challenge 6 - Test Your Might (Pine Boards)

Player - Sonya Blade
Difficulty - Easy
Description - Press any button to increase your Might.
              Press LT or RT when might meter is above the marker.
Skip Cost - 150

This is the first level of Test your Might.  You just tap the four
face buttons on the controller until the meter builds above the line
displayed.  Once it is above that line, hit one of the triggers to
break the item.

Challenge 7 - The Hard Way

Player - Jax
Opponent - Cyborg
Description - Defeat Your Opponent! 
Skip Cost - 150

All you have to do is defeat the Cyborg.  He tends to block a lot
so you can spam Jax's grab moves.  Just take down all his health and
you complete this one.

Challenge 8 - In-terror-gation

Player - Jax Opponent - Baraka Description - Beat your opponent to a pulp by targeting different locations of his body. Skip Cost - 300 For this you must use different moves to hit the different parts of Baraka's body. Head - 8 times Chest - 5 times Stomach - 5 times Legs - 3 times You can hit the Head, Chest and stomach with jump kicks. For the legs, just spam (Back+B) which is a leg sweep.

Challenge 9 - Ambushed!

Player - Jax Opponents - Tarkatans Description - Kill 20 Tarkatans Every 5 kills awards a Ground Pound. Only one Ground Pound is available at a time. Skip Cost - 300 This is a new type of challenge. You have to survive kinda beat em up style against Tarkatans. Keep pressing X to send your Projectile at the Tarkatans to kill them. You will get a ground pound every 5 kills that will take out any close by. The big Tarkatans take more hits so take care of them fast. Once all 20 are dead, you win. Use the Ground Pound by pressing A

Challenge 10 - This Is The Pits!

Player - Jax
Opponent - Scorpion
Description - Defeat Scorpion with your Pit Fatality.
Skip Cost - 300

You must first defeat Scorpion and then you will be prompted to
knock him into the Pit.
Down, Forward, Down, X

Challenge 11 - The Invincible Reptile

Player - Jax
Opponent - Reptile
Description - Defeat Reptile!
              He Takes no damage while invisible.
              Use Jax's Ground Pound to reveal Reptile.
Skip Cost - 300

Just like the description says, use Jax's ground pound to be
able to hurt Reptile.
Close - Down, Back, A
Medium - Down, Forward, A
Far - Down, Back, Forward, A

Challenge 12 - Test Your Sight

Player - Jax
Opponent - Easy
Description - Pick the correct head or face the consequences.
Skip Cost - 150

There are only three heads and they barely move.  Easy enough.

Skipping this isn't necessary, just randomly pick one. A few tries will get you the correct one.

Challenge 13 - Hey Jerk

Player - Johnny Cage
Opponent - Stunt Man
Description - Defeat your Opponent!
              Johnny Cage does 200% damage
Skip Cost - 150

You do double damage, so just beat the Stunt Man.

Challenge 14 - Round Two

Player - Johnny Cage
Opponent - Stunt Man
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Cage's attacks do 50% less damage.
Skip Cost - 150

This time around, you do half damage.  But this is still really
easy, just beat the Stunt Man and you pass.

Challenge 15 - Walking Dead

Player - Johnny Cage
Opponent - Stunt Zombie
Description - Destroy the Zombie before is corners you. 
Skip Cost - 300

The Zombie will just walk you to the corner of the screen.
You must defeat it before it reaches the end of the screen.
Holding Forward and tapping B will take it out pretty fast.
It is Johnny Cages spinning round house kick.

Challenge 16 - SWAT

Players - Johnny Cage, Stryker
Opponents - Zombies
Description - Use Cage's Low Fireball or Stryker's Pistol to
              kill 25 zombies.
              Tag to reload after 5 shots.
Skip Cost - 300

Another beat em up survival game. You get 5 shots before having to
tag in the other character.
Cage's fireball - Down, Forward, Y
Stryker's Pistol - Back, Forward, X
Tag - Left Bumper

Challenge 17 - I'm a Celebrity

Player - Johnny Cage, Director
Opponents - Sonya Blade, Jax
Description - Sonya and Jax have teamed up.
              They are in a hurry to get you off the movie set!
Skip Cost - 300

You just have to defeat both Sonya and Jax.  You have the Director on
you side but he really has no moves at all so try to keep Johnny

Challenge 18 - Test Your Strike (Bricks)

Player - Johnny Cage
Difficulty - Easy
Description - Press any button to increase Might
              Keep might in range until meter is charged.
              Press RT or LT when meter is charged.
Skip Cost - 300

Similar to Test Your Might except you have to keep the meter in
a box on the meter until it turns green.  This one is pretty easy and
you will get the idea of what to do.

Challenge 19 - One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

Player - Scorpion
Opponent - Jax
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              You can only use your special moves.
Skip Cost - 300

You must defeat Jax but you can only use special moves.
Spear - Back, Back, X
Flame - Down, Back, Y
Teleport Punch - Down, Back, A

Challenge 20 - I Hate Teddies

Player - Scorpion
Opponent - Mileena
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
Skip Cost - 600

Really nothing special about this.  Just beat Mileena.

Challenge 21 - Yin And Yang

Players - Scorpion, Sub-Zero
Opponents - Raiden, Lui Kang
Description - Defeat Your Opponents!
              All swapped out partners slowly heal!
Skip Cost - 600

Might want to be fast and beat Raiden and Lui Kang fast because
when they swap out, the person on hold is regaining health.  This
one isn't too hard.

Challenge 22 - I've Got Friends In Low Places

Player - Scorpion
Opponent - Raiden
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Use Scorpion's Enhanced Hell Fire to burn the Lin Kuei.
Skip Cost - 600

You will be fighting on the Pit level.  The Lin Kuei is on the
back bridge shooting ice at you.  Everytime you use an enhanced Hell
Fire move, you will burn away one of the Lin Kuei so they can no
longer freeze you.  Just defeat Raiden and you will pass this.
Enhanced Hell Fire - Down, Back, Y+RT  (Uses up super meter.)

Challenge 23 - Poisoned Rage

Player - Scorpion
Opponent - Ninja Sub-Zero
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Both players are poisoned.
              Each blow you land will replenish some of your health.
Skip Cost - 600

You must stay on the offensive here because if you don't, you will
bleed out and die.  So keep attacking your opponent and dodge as
many attacks as possible.

Challenge 24 - Test Your Luck

Player - Scorpion
Difficulty - 2 Reels
Description - Spin the slot machine reels!
              Defeat your Opponent.
Skip Cost - 150

You only have 2 reels.  One chooses your opponent, the other 
chooses the stipulation.

Challenge 25 - Foul Ball

Player - Nightwolf
Opponent - Sonya Blade
Description - Finish your opponent with his stage Fatality.
Skip Cost - 150

You must first defeat Sonya before you can finish her.
Fatality - Down, Down, Down, RT