Challenge 26 - Reflect And Connect

Player - Nightwolf
Opponent - Sektor
Description - Use the Reflect to send back 5 projectiles in under
              30 seconds.
Skip Cost - 150

All you do is use Nightwolf's Reflect attack to block Sektor's
Reflect - Down, Back, Y

Challenge 27 - Spirit Walk

Player - Nightwolf
Opponent - Nightwolf
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              You slowly lose health over time.
Skip Cost - 300

Stay on the offensive because you are constantly losing health.  So
you have to be on your guard as well so you don't lose more health
than you have.

Challenge 28 - Big Shoulders

Player - Nightwolf
Opponent - Ermac
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              You may only use your shoulder charge.
Skip Cost - 300

You have to defeat Ermac but the only move you can use is your
Shoulder Charge.
Forward, Forward, B

Challenge 29 - Ancestral Light

Player - Nightwolf Opponent - Scorpion Description - Defeat Your Opponent! Opponent only takes damage within the Core of Light Skip Cost - 600 There is a beam of light that shines down. You will only do damage to Scorpion if you attack him in the light. There's really no way to tell if your in the light, so just try to swat him around the stage and hope he's in the light.

Challenge 30 - Shaolin Monk: Act 1

Players - Lui Kang, Kung Lao
Opponents - Tarkatan Soldiers
Description - Defeat and finish the sworn enemies of the Shaolin Monks.
              Your partner's health will slowly recover while he is
              tagged out
Skip Cost - 300

Take out the Tarkatan Soldiers.  The man that is tagged out will regen
health slowly.  This counts for the enemies as well, so try to take
them out as fast as you can.

Challenge 31 - No Throw = No Go

Player - Kano
Opponent - Jax
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Opponent can only be defeated with a throw
Skip Cost - 150

First you must take down all of Jax's health.  There is a marker on
his health bar and it will tell you to grab Jax to finish him.  When
you have his health at the marker, press Right Bumper.

Challenge 32 - Demon Hunter

Player - Kano
Opponents - Zombies
Description - Use your knife to kill 8 demons before they reach you.
              You will die if a demon reaches you.
Skip Cost - 300

This is another beat em up style survival game.  You must throw knives
at the zombies to take them out.  You only have to take out 8 but it
takes 3 knives to kill a zombie.
Knife - Down, Back, Y

Challenge 33 - Pulling My Strings

Player - Kano
Opponent - Quan Chi
Description - Perform 5 ofthe displayed commands to break the spell
Skip Cost - 300

This is easy, just press the buttons that appear on screen.

Just press random buttons and hope you get lucky. It will only take a couple tries until you get it.

Challenge 34 - The Hell With This!

Player - Kano
Opponent - Scorpion
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Avoid the hands of hell.
              Contact with them will immobilize you for a short time.
Skip Cost - 600

Just defeat Scorpion but don't stand in one spot for too long or
you will be stunned for a moment. You will see a flame pit light
up under your feet and that is what stuns you.

Challenge 35 - Discombobulated

Player - Kano Opponent - Quan Chi Description - Defeat Your Opponent! You will be stunned if you take too much damage. Skip Cost - 600 Defeat Quan Chi but don't get hit too much or you will be stunned for a moment. So remember to block as much as possible and watch for Quan Chi's teleport move.

Challenge 36 - Test Your Might (Teak)

Player - Kano Difficulty - Easy Description - Press any button to increase your Might. Press LT or RT when might meter is above the marker. Skip Cost - 150

Challenge 37 - Survive Koins

Player - Kabal
Opponent - Kano
Description - You can't lose, but the more hits you get in, the more
              koins you get.
Skip Cost - 0

Just keep attacking and you will keep earning coins.  Once you beat
the level, you can replay it but you won't earn coins anymore.  If
you want to keep getting coins, right before the match ends, hit start
and click retry.  You can keep getting unlimited coins this way.  This
works with all the Koin Match Types.

Challenge 38 - Keep Away From Me!

Player - Kabal
Opponent - Sonya Blade
Description - Defeat your opponent before time runs out.
Skip Cost - 300

Sonya will run away from you so you need to stay on her.  Use
Kabal's rush move to stun her and then combo her.

Challenge 39 - Bloody Pulp

Player - Kabal
Opponent - Ninja Sub-Zero
Description - Hit Sub-Zero in different parts of his body to win.
Skip Cost - 300

You must hit Sub-Zero so many times at certain points before you beat
him. Jump Kicks will hit everything but legs.  For legs, just spam
leg sweeps.
Head - 6
Chest - 14
Stomach - 3
Legs - 4

Challenge 40 - Healing Light

Player - Kabal
Opponent - Stryker
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              You can be healed inside the core of light.
Skip Cost - 300

Defeat Stryker but keep him out of the beam of light so he doesn't
get healed.  You can also be healed by the beam of light.

Player - Kabal
Opponent - Nightwolf
Description - Defeat Nightwolf!
              Watch out for his supercharged lightning attack!
              Do damage to him to stop his lightning summon.
Skip Cost - 600

Defeat Nightwolf but if you see him charging his lightning move, you
better jump on him quick.  Nightwolf's lightning moves are lethal.

Challenge 42 - Test Your Sight

Player - Kabal
Difficulty - Easy
Description - Pick the correct skull or face the consequences.
Skip Cost - 150

There are 5 skulls and they don't move fast.

Again, just randomly choose one and you will eventually get the correct one.

Challenge 43 - Stealth

Player - Reptile
Opponent - Lui Kang
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Reptile cannot use any special attacks.
Skip Cost - 300

Defeat Lui Kang but you will have to do it with combos alone.  All
special attacks are disabled.

Two basic combos to help you:
x, y, y, x
a, y, x

Challenge 44 - The Best Laid Plan
Player - Reptile
Opponent - Johnny Cage
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
Skip Cost - 300

Defeat Johnny Cage but when you take half his health, he will power
up and take more damage with his attacks.

Challenge 45 - 1st Responder

Player - Reptile
Opponent - Stryker
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Opponent must be killed with a fatality
Skip Cost - 300

First have you have to dodge Stryker's projectiles before you can 
fight him.  Take down his health and then do a fatality on him.  If 
you fail to do a fatality you will be given another chance.
Fatality - Forward, Forward, Down, Up, A

Challenge 46 - Spin Cycle

Player - Reptile
Opponent - Kabal
Description - Counter Kabal's Dash attack with a well timed 
              Invisibility and kill him!
              Reptile cannot use any attacks until Kabal's dash has
              been countered.
Skip Cost - 300

At the start of the match, you will get a timer and when it hits
zero, you must go invisible to dodge Kabal's Dash attack.  After this
you just defeat Kabal.
Invisibility: Down, Up, B

Challenge 47 - Who Ya Gonna Call?

Player - Reptile
Opponents - Jax, Sonya Blade
Description - Defeat Your Opponents!
              60 Second Time Limit!
Skip Cost - 600

This one is kinda hard because you have to be fast.  You have to 
take out both Jax and Sonya in 60 seconds.  Time to learn a little
bit of moves with Reptile.  I spammed his slide and Leg Sweep and
got this one after a few tries.
Slide: Back, Forward, B

Challenge 48 - Test Your Strike (Human Skulls)

Player - Reptile
Difficulty - Easy
Description - Press any button to increase Might
              Keep might in range until meter is charged.
              Press RT or LT when meter is charged.
Skip Cost - 150

Challenge 49 - Target Practice

Player - Sektor
Opponent - Cyrax
Description - Sektor must land 5 upward missiles before time runs out.
              Sektor cannot move and can only attack with upward
Skip Cost - 150

Just stand there and press X, Y, or B to fire missiles.

Challenge 50 - Sheer Madness

Player - Sektor
Opponent - Mileena
Description - Defeat Your Opponent!
              Nobody can block.
              Your attacks do less damage.
              Every successful attack awards an attack bonus.
Skip Cost - 300

You can't block but neither can Mileena so stay on the offensive.
Mileena loves to spam her Sai blasts and Teleport Kicks.  So watch
out.  Every hit you or Mileena gets awards that person with an 
attack bonus.