Faction War Page

Note: You can arrow left and right to different pages of information about yourself and your faction.

Invasion Boss

Note: This option is only available during an invasion event. At any other time, the highlight will jump straight down to War Tower. Your objective in this mode is to try and survive for 30 seconds, while trying to inflict as much damage as possible on the AI. Being the champion from an invading realm, the AI will have high speed and armour. The AI is also unkillable, making survival the only way to "beat" this mode.

Invasion Tower

Note: As with Invasion Boss, this menu option is only available during an invasion event. When available, it's one of the best ways to gain faction experience.

War Tower

Note: Fight opponents here to gain war points for your faction, helping it to win the Faction War.

Change Faction

Note: Changing your faction will reset your progress to 0, even if you return to your previous faction later.